Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Charlie Man 21 Months

I think Charlie is seriously the cutest boy ever.  Which perhaps is biased.  He looks like a little California surfer dude.  He has huge blue eyes and blond hair and a killer smile.  People stop me EVERYWHERE to tell me how cute he is.  And I love it! I am in complete denial that he is going to turn 2 in three months, but we have been out of the baby stage for months due to the fact someone is always trying to keep up with his big brother! 

What He Says: mama, dada, diddy, paul, hi, bye bye, night night, my, i love you, G, Sort of Grandma, Nana, Papa, bar, welcome, up, NO, yes, hops, cup, hot, milk, tree, truck, car, GO, paw, out and maybe a few other things I can't understand or think of right now.  We are still working on talking with Charlie but actually him learning NO has been helpful when trying to figure out what he wants for breakfast in the morning.

 Who doesn't love a little Starbucks treat in their pajamas?

What He Eats: favorites are smoothies, granola bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, applesauce, mac and cheese, rice, quinoa (seriously), pesto pasta, milk, goldfish crackers and bananas.

How He Sleeps: one nap for 2-3 hours in the afternoon and night time is right around 7:30.  I forgot how well little dudes sleep at this age, and it is so nice to have that chunk of time in the afternoon.

This is us at the library- sorry it is blurry, but he thinks singing at the library is a rock concert.  

My little book lover 

What He Likes to Do: say all his animals sounds, jump, run, drive cars along the couch, play outside, swing, read books and have the same million books read to him, go to the library, point to his body parts, baby yoga, dancing, clapping, laughing, wrestling with his brother and his dad, Paw Patrol, kissing mom, finding his shoes, and climbing on the side of the couch to jump off and give his mom a heart attack.  

Things I want to Remember: When I tell Charlie to say thank you he says welcome.  He hides in the pantry and then laughs hysterically when you find him, he loves to be naked, he could spend 13 hours in the bath.  He likes to start his day with a granola bar and a cup of milk in his little chair and yells at the dog because Diddy always tries to eat his bar.  When he dances he has this side-saw-gangster like move that is so cute!  No one could love Paul more than Charlie!

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