Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Found on my phone!

Don't you love when you find hilarious pictures on your phone that you totally forgot about?  Or wish you would forget about?  Here is what is on my phone roll: 

Charlie loves a good selfie.  He thinks he is really funny and laughs every time he can see himself in the camera! 

This is one of the pictures I wish I could forget about.  Sometimes when I take a shower, Charlie sneaks upstairs and basically DESTROYS my bathroom while I try and get clean.  It really starts off the day right when you step out of the shower and see this.  

 The only way to watch TV is bum up. 

Paul was playing "dentist" with his doctor kit and I DIE over the glasses.  But he was very serious.  

Another pastime of Charlies' is emptying my purse, disassembling my wallet and finding my keys so he can make the car horn honk.  Fun times at the Vaughn household. 

This one is just from the other day at the trampoline park.  Charlie looks terrified and Paul looks ecstatic.  

Happy Wednesday! 

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