Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap!

There is no reason for this except that I think it is hilarious!! 

We were really going to lay low this weekend but then ended up being quite busy #ofcourse  
This weekend was dedicated to the LADIES (my favorite) and it was so fun to connect with some fabulous women! 

Friday, my yoga friend Jill came over and we accidentally drank too much wine and had take out sushi and laughed quite a bit! 

Saturday morning I woke up to teach the swim team yoga again (last one- sad) and then came home to complain how tired I was.  I finally motivated to take a yoga class myself and then did a few errands.  Saturday night I had a dinner party with my girlfriends from work.  It is an annual tradition, and something I always look forward to.  Smart women with good food and lots of wine = perfection!  Paul asked what I was doing when I was leaving and I explained I was going to have dinner with my girlfriends.  He asked their names and when I listed everyone attending he paused and said, "That's a lot.  There is going to be a lot of talking."  True story Paul.  

Sunday Ryan found himself with a single ticket to the Bronco game.  We decorated the house with a Bronco flag and the life size Peyton.  Too bad the ending is not what we hoped for but I think he had a good time (he is currently sulking in the basement, but I am sure he had fun for at least a bit. Ha) 

Headed to work this morning, but this week we have finals Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and so only have half days.  Life isn't bad! 

Happy Monday to you! 

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