Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Out of the Closet.

It is the eve of my doctor appointment and the unveiling of this blog. I am hoping everything goes well tomorrow- that there is still a baby in my extra large uterus and that I haven't already gained an exorbitant amount of weight.

I am 13 weeks pregnant and apparently my baby is the size of a peach. All my clothes still fit and the only outward signs of pregnancy are my new huge hooters and my acne (which I just discovered today have spread to my back and arms- SURPRISE).

I hope this is a place to share my journey of not only housing this little peanut but then of course trying to figure out what to do when it actually comes out. I know there will be countless struggles and frustrations along the way- but when you are raising a kid with this guy:

who wouldn't feel a little more confident?


  1. somebody take my temperature, i've got baby fever.

  2. The hottest baby-mama on the planet! I'm gonna be a DAD!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

  3. I just cried reading this post. YAY!

  4. I'm so glad you're writing this blog, E. I love reading about your whole experience... "this week the baby is the size of a (different food item)" You are going to be wonderful parents.


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