Thursday, November 19, 2009

Buying Baby Stuff is Hard!

I am on the road of trying to redecorate Ryan's "music room" into our baby room. Ryan is obviously distressed about losing his man cave. But it is better to realize this kid is going to run our lives now, rather than later.

I am trying to find a crib and matching dresser. Sounds easy. For some reason, it is not. I found this crib on Craigs List that is still in the box and from Babies R Us- it is cute and white which are my only requirements thus far. I haven't done a lick of research about safety, government guidelines, blah blah blah. Here is a picture from the Babies website:

Now I need a dresser. My parent pals (Kathy and Jenn) told me to go w/ just a regular dresser (not a changing table) because you could use the dresser for longer. Sounds logical to me- I just haven't found any I like.

I also think this glider thing is so cute- but it's from Pottery Barn and the price is a bit overwhelming!

I wouldn't get this in white, just a nice "neutral" color.

I haven't thought about bedding yet either. I think I need a baby nursery designer.

Don't even get me started on bottles, strollers, car seats, high chairs, and all this other business. One step at a time.....


  1. Yeah, registering for a baby is so not as fun as registering for your wedding.

    Just remember that in order to be sold in stores in the U.S. items like cribs, strollers, car seats, etc. have to meet certain standards. So that less expensive car seat has met the same standards as the super pricey one. It just has fewer "options" on it.

  2. I didn't know that Becky--- thanks for the tip! Thank God other people have had children before me

  3. is it wrong that i feel like, even though i have never had a baby, i am obviously just the person for the nursery decorating job? maybe i need to book a ticket to denver. next time i am at the mall, i will get a pottery barn kids catalog for some inspiration, then we will find those things at lower prices. then we will attack bedding. also, next time i am at target, i will stroll the baby aisles. this is actually something i have never allowed myself to do... can you believe that? my uterus is probably going to explode. if will is with me, god help us. if my mom is with me, i'll hope she brought her target card. or that i stole it from her purse. what? do i still do that? yes.

  4. oh my.... do we have to be reminded AGAIN that Elaine's "nursery" was the dining room of an one bedroom "apt"in married student housing ( UCLA.. go BRUINS !!)..with a panaromic view and sound of the 405 freeway.. I will try not to repeat the story.. promises.. it all sounds wonderful and beautiful.. and ...the baby won't give a sh... where he/ she is sleeping....but not to worry.. I'll walk Pottery Barn Kids w/ Mo ..w/ my Target card, Visa card, Phillps 66... this baby will eventually need a car.. ..hurry up April.. we are all going to be broke.. the hell w/ the recession.. .. what happened to the $300 a month for college.. Dave Mc where are you??? HELP!!!

  5. I agree with Becky...go with the cheap stuff! Seriously, these babies grow out of everything so fast I look at things we have in the closet that have only been used once.

    TIP for the chair: From my experience, you want a rocking chair that is of course comfortable, but one that allows you to rest your head back. Some of those sofa chairs don't do that, and I can tell you, even still feeding Ty before bed after a long day at work, its great to just rest my head and relax.

  6. Unsolicited advise from the sister in law... I will help you with baby planning if you will plan my wedding!

    #1- You need a glider with something to put your tired feet up- super comfy and head resting place are essential. You will spend many nights here =)
    #2- It sounds weird but any bouncer, bassinette, pack and play, etc need to have a vibrate feature. It's like a snooze button on your daily alarm. You will use it and love it!
    #3- Boppy- is a MUST have baby feature. Makes life easier for you and the baby
    #4- Pampers swaddlers and sensitive wipes- Kendra NEVER had diaper rash. They are the best!
    #5- I loved Avent bottles- easy to wash and hold. Invest is a good pump... you feel like a MOO cow but it makes life easier (drink wine... no problem...pump and dump)
    #6- There are no blankets or pacifiers better then the hospital kind. "Borrow them" when you leave- I spent hours trying to find the hospital style and never found it!
    #7- lap pads are necessary- just trust me on this one!
    #8- Find a stroller that easily slides into the car but you can snap the carseat into. Never wake a sleeping baby... this will help!


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