Friday, November 13, 2009

Telling the Folks

I have to say I think my mom had the best reaction to the big news (although Maureen comes in at a close second).

We decided to tell the fam when we were around 10 weeks along. I wanted to make sure we went to the doctor and actually saw the little peanut before we got everyone excited.

We had dinner plans with my parents and I told them we would pick them up and drive them to the restaurant. We brought a key contributor to our plan:

We walked into my parent's house, Diddy leading the way. My mom was sitting at the counter and was clearly annoyed when she saw Diddy.

"Why is the dog here?"

I told her to read his cute shirt (I cannot believe she did not notice this shirt right off the bat since she is always trying to get Ryan and I to dress up our innocent animal).

She reads the shirt and quizzically looks at us:
"You are getting another dog?"

Seconds tick by and I could literally see her brain putting all the pieces together.
And then there was screaming.
Loud screaming.

I cried, she cried.


  1. Diddy looks like a Tubbo in that little shirt. He's lost 15 pounds since our last vet visit!

    Ann's reaction was definitely loud.

    I did not cry.

  2. I cried again just reading this. That probably makes 10 times that I have cried now over your pregnancy!

  3. Ok.. once again.. our family has to redefine history.. my memory of this AMAZING night was. . It was my idea to get together for dinner.. so I had no idea ( DUH!!) . the car pulls into the driveway.. my well behaved, adorable dog.. goes nuts because the OTHER dog has arrived.. I say to my loving husband.. oh my god.. we must have gotten our signals crossed... they brought THE dog..( when THE dog comes.. we have to put up lots of crates etc.. because.. they run, they chew they destroy) the dog comes in.. the run .. they chew..they destroy .. AND the Vaughns dog has on.. .. OH MY GOD,.. a costume.. I look at Ryan.. he hates costumes for dogs.. I think . whos dogs is this? I ask the question.. I ask.. DID YOU GET ANOTHER DOG??? Ryan may not be crying.. but believe you me.. he is standing in the corner w/ a ... I don't know expression.. near tears, grinning.. happy.. I am looking at him thinking.. he is looking so wierd.. o,k. o,k he is in shock thinking... I cant' believe this woman is screaming ( Or maybe. he is thinking. oh my God .. this is my genetic pool?)let's call the police expression.. ... Paul thought there was an attack on Denver.... But, truly, my final clue was I looked at Elaine and she was tearing up... ELAINE NEVER TEARS UP.. o.k. o.k .. I'm slow to get it. but.. OH MY GOD>>MY BABY IS HAVING A BABY.. and thank you God.. Jenn for crying again.. we better buy this baby a waterproof coat.. cuz.. I agree.. the tears are flowing.. and we still have five plus months to go..You better believe it.. the reaction was loud.. just you wait .. it will get louder !

  4. PS.. And, I agree. Mureen's reaction was right up there.. she calls me.. and I think there were between us.. ten repeated.. oh my God.. Can you Believe it? I am so happy.. lots of gasping.. tears.. screams.... louder screams.. can you believe it. ( AGAIN). with moms and friends like this... baby Vaughn.. you are one lucky dude/dudette !!!!


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