Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's a BOY!

We had a fabulous Christmas! We were blessed with family, great food, and so many fun presents!
Our favorite present was wrapped under own tree and opened Christmas morning. It was the infamous CARD we had received from our ultrasound about a month ago.

All this time I had convinced myself that baby Vaughn was a girl. My friends Kathy and Jenn both have boys, a woman at work is having a boy in January; I thought the universe had to even the genders out and make sure the male to female ratio was equal.

Ryan opened the box the card was wrapped in and looked at me with WIDE eyes, whispering "is this it?" I told him that we could open it, but I still wasn't sure if I was ready to tell the whole world. He handed the card over to me... I slowly opened the envelope and inside was a card with orange dragonflies on it. Frankly it looked like a your having a girl card. So imagine my surprise when I opened it, and saw the inscription, "It's a boy." It almost took a minute to register. I look at Ryan's face and realized he too was having a hard time comprehending this big news. However, as soon as it clicked in he was jumping around, doing weird fist pumps, telling the dog that this is officially a "penis house" and doing weird hip thrusts. It is safe to say he was happy. Later he tells me that if it had been a girl he would have been "sentimentally happy" but a boy has made him "testosterone happy." I am not sure what this means. Anyway, after this reaction I knew there was NO way we were going to be able to keep this a secret.

Although my reaction was a little different than Ryan's, I am also thrilled about having a little man in the house. The day after Christmas I bought some really cute boy clothes and the cutest pair of little blue shoes. I also found myself in Pottery Barn Kids looking at some boy blue bedding. After a desperate text message to my mom for a second opinion and a conference call to Ryan, we purchased some really cute car and truck blue bedding. For a second my mom and I were trying to be economical as we held a gender neutral twinkle twinkle star theme bedding in our hands, trying to convince ourselves that if the next baby was a girl it would work again. Then we got smart, exclaimed that if a girl is in our future we would be buying new bedding anyway, and went with the car/truck, I'm a boy theme. It is really cute and I feel a little more confident about designing this nursery.

Overall, an eventful Christmas and I am even more excited for our little boy to arrive, even though I think it is a bit crazy that a tiny penis is growing in my uterus.


  1. YEAH!!!! I originally thought he was a girl but last minute changed my mind and knew he was a little boy! I think Ryan's vote on a name blog with all boy names helped to sway me. So exciting... let me know what nursery stuff you still want/need that we can help with.

    The tough part is boy names! Good luck little Memphis Ray =) You should also include a blog shout out to the best Aunt gift EVER! Kendra has been scootering around for the past 3 days. Great gift for her, she's busy and having fun, great gift for us, she falls asleep early from all the exercise!

  2. I can't wait.. it's getting more exciting every day.. xoxo Mom/GG


  4. I'd just like to take a moment to thank the steak I ate and the push ups I did before we conceived. Yeee haww!

  5. Ryan, Surely it was the push-ups!!


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