Thursday, January 14, 2010

27 Weeks!

Here is a little 27 week bump with clothes ON for a change! :)

Things are going well! I can feel baby Vaughn moving around more and more. I have been sick the last couple of nights, and up in the middle of the night which allowed me to notice that baby is very active in the wee hours of the morning. We had a little discussion about how this activity was okay now but that he better get his act together once he is born. I think he understands.

We went to the doctor yesterday and everything looks good. We met our new doctor and both liked her. Thought she was out going, informative, but laid back. I like that combination! Little babe's heartbeat was 140. I will never get sick of hearing that sound. I also had to have my glucose test to make sure I don't have diabetes. I was a little nervous about the drink you have to chug, but it wasn't too bad. It tasted like a sweeter Gatorade.

I also had to have a RhoGAM shot because I have negative blood and Ryan has positive. I thought I was prepared since I have had the flu and swine flu shot and have blood drawn every month. Boy was I surprised when I learned this shot is given in your ASS!!! What a humbling experience to stand "pigeon toed" with your pants around your ankles while a nurse sticks a needle in your butt. Ah, pregnancy.

In dog news, here is a little picture of Diddy. Please notice he is on OUR couch with his head on OUR pillow. Judging by our dog's behavior, I am sure our baby won't be spoiled at all.

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