Thursday, January 14, 2010


I subscribe to US Weekly. My mom also gets me People magazine every year for Christmas. I love that People usually arrives in my mailbox on Friday afternoon so I can come home from work and read about my celebrity "friends." I do not appreciate the cover of this week's People.

Seriously? This bitch is not even famous and is 23 years old. Who the hell is addicted to plastic surgery at 23?


  1. I cannot STAND her! At the bottom of this post is my favorite picture of her. This is how I picture her every time and it makes me feel better about my life.


  2. I still can't figure out why anyone gives a crap about these crazy celebs... if Heidi and Spencer died in a plane crash I would host a "The World Is Better Off Without You" party. I'm serious.

  3. Great idea Ryan. I will make the playlist for the party. first song - Steam's "Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye"


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