Sunday, January 24, 2010

28 Weeks

Here we are at 28 weeks! Almost to the 7 month mark and 83 days to go:

Here is the frontal view:

Things continue to go well- I am still sleeping pretty well. I usually have to get up once a night to use the bathroom and I am still getting used to sleeping on my side but overall everything is fine!

We have the nursery painted (and by "we" I mean Ryan). I think we are going to add a tree wall decal with blue birds- sounds weird but I promise it will be cute, I will post picture once it is finished. Next we need to finish getting all the furniture and get our glider set up once it arrives! We are just moving right along.

Today I went for my monthly pedicure with my mom (spoiled much?) and afterwards we found ourselves at Destination Maternity. We were in the dressing room together (we have a system: I try stuff on and Ann puts it back on the hanger. We have solidified this process after years of shopping) when the lady pokes her head in to give me "the bump." The bump is a device that you Velcro around yourself to represent 4 months of belly growth, so you can see if the clothes you are trying on will last you until the end of your pregnancy. For entertainment value, I promptly strapped that bump on. I thought my mom was going to have a heart attack from laughing. So, for your enjoyment:


  1. 1. Ann, I'll be moving to Denver in 2 weeks. Please plan on including me in these monthly pedicure appointments. thanks!
    2. Are those adorable side braids I see you rocking?
    3. Bump looks adorable. Remember when there was one of these at the wedding dress store? I would wear that shit all day and just pretend I was really unwed and prego working at a wedding dress store. ah, college.

    can't wait to see you soon!

  2. It is impossible for you to grow from picture one to picture three in only 83 days. You are the best looking pregnant woman I've ever seen!

  3. You are the skinniest pregnant woman I have ever laid eyes on! I'd kill for your 28 week belly! HAHAHAHAH. Also I love the gray cable knit. I hope you got it!

  4. I agree. There is NO WAY you will ever get that big. You look awesome!

  5. Trust me....that is not happening!!! You will be lucky (??) to be half that size!!!!! Hope you did get that top, though!!!!! Love it!!!


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