Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!

This little pup turned FOUR years old yesterday. As Ryan likes to remind me, I was a little apprehensive about getting a dog in the first place. But when we picked Diddy up and he slept in my lap the entire way home, I fell in love.

Diddy celebrated by finding some baby socks, putting them all in his mouth, and leaving them for me on the kitchen floor. Welcome to the world little baby. You are about to be covered in Diddy spit. He make look big, but he is the most lovable creature in the world!

We love you Diddy!


  1. I love you Diddy-Pop!! Happy Birthday.

  2. Kisses and hugs to my grand-dog. Baby Vaughn will love him!

  3. That dog and baby socks....too funny!!

    Happy Birthday Diddy!
    xoxo, Callaway


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