Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Job

I have a woman at work who knows EVERYTHING. This is the same woman that told me I looked liked I had gained weight over the summer. Here is a sample conversation we had when we returned from Winter Break.

Me: We are having a boy.
Work Lady: Oh my God! Is Ryan excited?
Me: Yes, he is really excited!
Work Lady: I could have told you that.

Um, really? If you could have told me that, then why are you asking me?

The school I work in is doing its own version of the Biggest Loser. My friend Jenn put this together and should actually write a blog post about how much shit she has had to endure by trying to do something nice. My mom would say this goes under the category of "no good deed goes unpunished." Anyway, the above mentioned work lady is involved in the Biggest Loser, and to put it nicely, could stand to lose quite a few pounds.

The other day in the office, she was sharing with me that her daughters are also "rounder" and she was worried that she was never a good role model in terms of health for them. I thought this was a nice, reflective moment until she added,

"It is a good thing you are having a boy, because the way you eat would give your daughter an eating issue."

Super. Thank you.


  1. Wait, who said the last comment? Woman who knows everything? Or Jenn?

  2. Slap the shit out of the bitch! NOW! This actually made me gasp.

    I am serious!

  3. Not Jenn, the woman who knows everything!

  4. Kathy, I can't believe you think I would say that!!! In other news, I have seen her actual weight, she needs to lose over 100 pounds to obtain a healthy BMI. Just sayin'........

  5. I am sure it was just my writing that was confusing! :)

  6. This lady also gave me shit because I was "too nice" to a student who wanted to drop my A.P. class. She is such a pain in the ass!!

  7. I didn't think it could be you Jenn, but I swear I read it twice and still came up with that outcome. Conclusion...I am an idiot! Maybe this woman is friends with the woman who asked when I was having my other twin. They must be soul mates.

  8. can you spell J E A L O U S??? Let's all get over out hate and realize this poor lady .. she just wants to be Elaine..


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