Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Poor Diddy

This weekend, Ryan and I were sitting at the kitchen table, talking about the nursery and some other baby related topics. Diddy, was laying next to us on the kitchen floor. As soon as we started talking baby talk, Diddy started moaning. Quiet at first, but as our conversation continued, his moans increased in volume. I thought something might be wrong with him, but I think he was just letting us know he was still around and wanted to give us a gentle reminder that he will always be our first baby.

I think Diddy might be in for a rude awakening after baby Vaughn is born.


  1. have ryan take one of the first baby blankets you wrap baby vaughn in home in the hospital to diddy, so he can get interested in the smells of baby vaughn.

  2. There will be so many socks for Diddy to take off the babies feet, he just won't know what to do with himself! :) Maybe Diddy needs to come see his girlfriend Callaway. She seems neglected and lonely as well.


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