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Here is the reality. Wedding registry = fun. Baby registry = not so fun.
I wouldn't say Ryan was the most involved person while wedding planning. He really didn't care about invitations, flowers, venue, programs, etc. etc. In fact, he wasn't too excited for wedding registry until he realized we got to pick out a bunch of stuff that we liked and that other people were going to buy for us. He also perked up a bit when he realized that all this shopping was done with a "gun." The man is easy to please.

We approached the baby registry with a new found gusto. Our baby was going to get whatever it needed from all our very generous friends and family. It could have all the new toys, technology, stroller, games, and clothes we could imagine. The problem? We have no idea what a baby actually needs.

Ryan and I walked slowly and carefully through the aisle of Babies R' Us looking and looking at all the stuff. We didn't even talk to each other, we just looked at one another, waiting for the other to have the answer, an idea, a start. Finally, we just started scanning things we thought would be a good idea. A breast pump? I've heard of those- lets get it. Bottles? Pretty sure we need those (at this point, a mom who introduced herself as a "10 day old mom newbie" may have noticed our deer in the headlight faces and directed us to the bottles that were working for her 10 day old son). Finally after an hour, we called it quits and went home. We were quiet on the car ride, probably both wondering how the hell we were going to raise a child when we had no idea what it needed.

When we got home I promptly ate a brownie, and looked at our registry to find we had scanned around 52 different bibs. At least the kid will be protected while it eats.

Since this traumatizing experience, I have consulted some lists, had Kathy do an inventory, and added and subtracted a few items. I feel a little better about our registry list. As my mother likes to point out, I was born while they lived in married student housing, my crib residing in the dining room. I guess our baby will be just fine.

If you would like to take a look at our registries and provide any feedback, I am sure we would be grateful. We are registered at:
Babies R' Us
Pottery Barn Kids

If you want to come over and raise this child, we are taking applications.


  1. I have already had a few calls from family members wondering about all the bibs... we all came to the conclusion it was Ryan ( sorry Ryan) trigger happy w/ "the gun" I am sending over my application for.. "I don't know what I'm doing either" application. I just talked to my BFF's telling them my concerns..which are 1. I am terrified of airplanes and babies.. been there done that.. by myself.... Cleveland to Santa Barbara.. two babies one mom.. equals hell. we have enough family stories to last us a life time.. the punch line of one of them goes like this.. the man next to me ( wearing a huge cowboy hat)hits the call button ( after turbulance and my darling baby boy screaming for two hours) and tells the flight attendant.. " I need a Jack Daniels and an aspirin" And I said.. make mine a double.. And now I have promised my mom, Elaine and I will bring the baby to her .. my friends ( God love them) suggested we take seperate planes. It's interesting my concerns.. I worry more about E than the baby.. not that she can't handle it ( I mean after all she is my daughter.. what can't she handle?) but just that she will be o.k, not overwhelmed.. not too tired ( o.k we can all dream) that she has enough help etc. I wonder if I should take cpr, I have saved all Elaine's plastic care bears and Buck's Mutant Ninga Turtles and how do I know if they are safe.. oh yes and.. I think worry is a genetic gene.
    On the positive side.. has every one seen Elaine?.. excuse me we can make a commercial how one should look being pg.. beautiful and glowing.. so I'm going to close w/ that.. all will be fine and the baby will be beautiful and glowing and who gives a sh.. about the stuff.. everyone.. send that baby to college.. he is going to be gifted.. ( remember there are many definitions to the word).. xoxo Momma Ann counting the days..

  2. oh yes.. and I think everyone should just buy ( sorry e and r) their favorite childhood memory toys.. wouldn't that be a hoot?.. wagons and barbies and pongs, etch a sketches and twiddle winks and bikes and basket balls and base balls and. books, board games DON"T FORGET THE CARE BEARS AND NINJA TURTLES.. and the match box cars, markers crayons.. how many in a box//.. how fun.. let's go for F= U - N.. O>K> everyone.. what is your all time favorite toy/game 0 - 10 years old.. Let's all vote for fun !!!

  3. Don't worry about the bibs!! Seriously, I think we had at least 30 after our shower, and I was asking my Mom if we should return some. She said no way and that we would need them. And guess who was right...I love that we have so many now! With the way that this kids eats, we need one in every corner.

    Great job on the registry! It IS super overwhelming!!!

  4. Read this:

    and this:

    I really did not like registering for baby either. However, I am so glad I did or Lord know's where I would be.

  5. I think I still have Ryan's "He Man" toys somewhere.... and his silver Michael Jackson glove.

  6. I hear your pain. I wish I would have found you sooner, but maybe this will still help you, or some of your friends...My name is Dana Ostomel and I'm the Founder of It's a cash gift registry service for all major life events, including baby! It takes some of the pressure off of the 'stuff' factor...Yes, babies need a lot of things, but in the beginning they don't need everything, and it's nice to have the option to buy as you go. did a great writeup on us that might interest you:

    If you're interested in the site, but have questions, email me directly at You can even list your other 3 registries, so everything is in one place. Plus you get a free website, like wedding websites you may have seen, so you can post all the baby information (showers, pics, birth announcements, etc)-- it can be quite handy!

    Congrats on the baby,

  7. I think you did a great job on your registering! You really got what you will need. Give yourself some credit! It is a pain to register for the baby (compared to the tons of fun for the wedding).

    If you still have questions I would take a look at the book Baby Bargains. I read it from front to back and it was actually really helpful. Great info on safety ratings, etc.

    I will agree that having that many bibs will be worth it. You will be surprised how quickly you will go through them!

    Nice work!

  8. we will take care of all of these things when i am living in denver in t-2 weeks. anyone else thinking of applying for the position better just give up hope now. auntie momo's coming back to rockies!

  9. Wonderful job guys!!! Lots of great baby stuff for the little guy! Excellent choice with extra crib sheets, changing covers, etc. Poopslosions will happen and having extra's are helpful! Can't wait to meet him!

  10. Thinking about applying...but worried I am not qualified. Am pretty sure that it is but by the grace of God my children lived through childhood!!!! And, yet, they did!!!! P.S. Post a new picture, ok???

  11. I'm scared of registering too!! Totally different than wedding registry where its all pretty stuff you always wanted but couldn't afford to buy. I'm too scared to even look at your registry right now. When I first found out I was pregnant, I wandered into the baby section of target thinking it would be fun to browse. It totally freaked me out and I had to leave after a mini anxiety attack. What is all this stuff (crap) and does (will) my baby need it? Ahhhh!!


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