Sunday, January 31, 2010


Now that I am visibly pregnant I get quite a few comments while I attend my yoga classes. Most are positive, one man pointed at my belly and called me a "superstar." I like this. All my yoga teachers have been really supportive, assuring me that you can just "pop" out babies by keeping all those yoga muscles strong (we'll see).

I love it because it makes me feel normal, like I can still do something from my previous life. I have to make a few accommodations to some poses but overall I can hang with the class.

Tori asked me the other day if I was doing the regular yoga or prenatal. I told her after a few classes of prenatal where I had to put a hand on my heart, rub the baby, and hear the phrase "birthing area" over and over again, I switched back to the regular. I can only take so much mambo jumbo.

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  1. Good move going back to NON prenatal yoga. I never signed up for that one, and liked the regular classes just fine. But then again, I was that girl that had to ask someone what the hell is my pelvic floor and how to I lift it on my first day of normal yoga. Yes...clueless-yoga-idiot here.


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