Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adult Children

I don't know if it is because we teach high school, but when Ryan and I talk about our parenting roles and philosophies, we only think of this new addition as a teenager and beyond. We have many things figured out: curfews, work ethic, how to be gentleman on a date, how to be a good tipper, using protection every time, how to be an advocate for himself, and how to be a nice, funny person. I am ready for break-ups, for the lying, for the "we just bought those condoms to blow up as balloons at school." I can't wait to spy on first dates, quiz his friends on high school drama and stock the fridge with after school goodies.

We are also pretty confident with our college-aged and beyond parenting skills. We know not to call him everyday (or every other day for that matter), sending 20 dollars in the mail randomly is like winning the lottery, giving space and independence to become his own person, taking him and his friends out to dinner when we visit.. we have all this covered.

It seems our confidence and knowledge is really lacking in years 0-13. I don't know why we keep insisting that this child is going to come out teenager (my uterus ain't that big). Everyone keeps telling us this is the "fun" part. Guess we will find out!


  1. hahaah i really enjoyed the "we just bought those condoms to blow up as balloon at school" remark. i wonder where that comes from?

    you are going to be fine with 0-13! totally fine! they are cute this whole time! its easy! i wish i was having a baby right now too, then you could just copy me.

  2. i jsut asked will, "babe, can we have a baby?" with the saddest look on my face. he said, suspiciously "what are you doing?" me, pouting: "reading elaines blog."

    im going to have to trap him. theres no other way.

    he just added " we'll pick one up tomorrow. we'll pick one up at target."


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