Monday, February 1, 2010


When a young woman becomes pregnant, I think it is only natural for her to turn to her mother as a resource. My conversations with my mom have gone something like this:

Me: How long were you in labor?
Ann: A long time.
Me: Yes, but how long?
Ann: I don't remember.

Me: Did you carry Buck and I differently in your belly?
Ann: I don't remember

Me: When did you first start feeling the baby move?
Ann: I don't remember

Me: Did you have to get a shot for having negative blood?
Ann: I don't remember

As you can see, Ann's memory of the proclaimed best moments of her life, are lacking substantial memory. After much of my complaining she dug through some old files, and found some notes she had written about my birth and a few months after. These memories were pretty funny, although she writes, "I won't bore you with the details of labor except to say it was long and hard work.. most of it was back labor." Back labor? WTF?

She also writes about how after I was born both sets of my grandparents made the trip together to the hospital and were so excited that they forgot to open the shutter on the camera, so there are not a lot of pictures from the hospital.

I am so happy my found these. It did provide a little glimpse of all that is coming.


  1. HOLD ON SISTER.. I did not say I didn't remember about the shot for the negative blood...The story goes like this.. I get tested I have negative blood..Grandma Zena says.. she KNOWS Pauls has postive blood.. as does all her children.. so we are going to have to have the shots etc.. They test Paul and guess what he has negative blood.. AND SO DO Auntie Leslie and Uncle Jim.. so we never had to deal w/ it..except to give my mother in law grief that she didn't even know what blood type all THREE of her children were... I remember labor w/ you was long, long, hard hard back labor... and I remember you can't get the epidural shot.. who cares.. until too much pain has gone by.. I remember the young teenage girl next to me screaming screaming screaming.. and my ob running down the hall and then saying to me.. I knew that wasn't you .. you're not a screamer... my advice.. scream all you want.. who cares !!.. get the epidural shot sooner than later.. and get out the kleenex.. this is one of the best, emotional experiences of your life.. and you too won't remember anything except how amazing this baby is..

  2. You won't be the only one who needs kleenex... I'll bet Ryan (and the rest of us!) will be pretty weepy too. Great advice, Ann.

  3. PS.. I have always prided myself on not reliving labor stories ( 14 hours and counting) I'll just leave it at.. you'll be fine cuz of yoga:) :

  4. elaine i reserve my comments about this until i am on your couch saturday morning.

  5. Ann, I agree. Get that epidural...the sooner the better. Because let's face it. You don't get a trophy, award, or even a pat on the back for going all natural.

    Screaming...yes. Do it. If you remember from my story, I believe going through my head was "Balls Out Kathy, Balls Out!!" (Quote from crazy track coach). Looking back, it would have helped if I screamed this even though the Dr and Nurses would think I'm crazy.

    And Tissues: YES. I bawled my eyes out. I remember it was out of control. I couldn't believe that I did it. I finally did it. I couldn't believe how much I loved him already. I looked at Ryan and knew I had the best husband by my side. The best father. And then I looked at my mom. It was like a full circle. I knew she was so proud. I was proud. Some of my favorite pictures of that moment are of me in tears....bawling. Because it reminds me how much it is all so worth it!!


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