Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bachelor

I watch The Bachelor. So does Ryan. I highly recommend watching this show with your significant other. It sparks great conversation.
I CANNOT believe this girl is still in the running:

She is AWFUL. She is not smart. She is not cute. Her laugh sucks. She has a disgusting tattoo of God knows what on her hip (maybe a dolphin). Her name is Vienna. Plus US Weekly says she is trouble:

And if you can't trust the weekly edition of US Weekly, I don't know who you can trust.


  1. I CANNOT stand Vienna. I think she is going to win, and then, I might hang up my Bachelor watchin' days.

  2. Is this another US Weekly??? Or the same one I already scanned through. If its new...I must come read and gossip. Thank goodness you subscribe to this gem.

  3. Kath- It is a new one. Such scandal. But I am sick of this gal taking over my US Weekly. New topic please.

  4. GO VIENNA!! You've been my pick from the start!! Jake is such a douche... he deserves your sorry ass!


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