Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello LC

Maureen and I are going to see this young lady at the Tattered Cover tonight.

We are an inappropriate amount of excited. Maureen had to buy TWO HARDCOVER editions of her new book to get us in. I read LC's first book at Maureen's lake house this summer and was SHOCKED about how dumb it was and then felt sorry for myself that I wasn't an author.

We are going to get manicures before because LC is very well groomed. I don't want her judging my cuticles.


  1. ah.. who is this person and why are we going to see her?

  2. i need an eyebrow wax and there is no time! i cant believe i am going to see lc, who- youre right, is very well groomed- without proper grooming myself. i cant very well get an eyebrow wax at the nail place before the event. she'll know. makes me think of legally blonde, the movie, the closing scene.

    at least we're getting manicures.

  3. Mom- She was on the MTV show "The Hills." You need to google her.

  4. jeez.. I'm just one woman. I have just learned that the car seat and stroller go together and now I have to watch MTV "The Hills" ? ..and I did notice quite a bit of crow feet in that picture.. check is out when you are there !

  5. it was brought to my attention that those are not crow feet but wisps of hair.. what ever .. looks like crows feet to me.. ok maybe not..


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