Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Naked Ladies

Ryan and I spent the majority of Saturday looking at naked women giving birth. Yes, it is okay to be jealous of our weekends. We went to our first “baby class” where we learned the ins and outs of labor and delivery. Part of this education was video based where Ryan and I giggled like school girls and had to look away as the final steps of birth occurred. We are 12.

However, I think we both feel a little more confident about labor and delivery for two reasons:

1. There is no changing our minds now.

2. This baby has to come out.

We did get to spend a good amount of time talking to each other about characteristics that were important to us within this delivery, how we can support each other, and what things we DO NOT want to happen. For example, I am not a big “toucher,” especially when I am in pain or feel stressed out. I think the last thing I want is a lot of massage, hugging or any of that bullshit while I am pushing out a child. I do like a lot of QUIET and zen space. I do not like a lot of people around when I don’t feel good or feel in a situation I can’t control. These were good things to discuss and gave Ryan a good direction of what he can do.

We also learned some breathing techniques- some “hee hee hoo,” which now Ryan likes to practice at any given moment. We learned about some different positions to try and get the baby down and out. We experimented with scented oil (no thank you), with massage tools (no thank you), and bobbing up and down on a birthing ball (seriously, no thank you). But we also practiced some relaxation and visualization techniques, and some yoga breathing and focus that were more up my alley.

We came out of Saturday with a “flexible” plan. I feel good about our plan but know that this is truly an “out of your hands” situation, and I think I will be able to adapt to a change in course. I feel extremely lucky to have Ryan with me during all this. He is so excited that it gets me more and more excited. Plus, I know that he will be a good advocate for me when I am in too much pain that I forget the plan, or will help me find that zen space I need to make this more of an enjoyable experience. Plus, a baby does come out of this entire ordeal, the best reward I can think of. AND, women do this every SINGLE day. It is just hard to imagine all of this going on with your body when I have never done it before and I don't think there is a pain that compares to delivery.

I will leave on a mean note (gasp, me? I know!) I do not know why they find it necessary to find the most unattractive women on the planet to be in these birthing videos (told you I was mean). Therefore, I have suggested my friend Maureen volunteer her “services” for the next video when her time comes. The world of pregnancy will thank me.


  1. I don't think anyone who has had a baby will forget hee hee who breathing.. where does this come from.. maybe because it will make you laugh and relax you/ You are your fathers daughter in how you handle stress.. but I do remember I just wanted quiet... no talking.. no suggestions just quiet. Thanks for sharing all this with us.. it is amazing.. again.. MY BABY IS HAVING A BABY !!!

  2. I was like that even after I had a c-section. I wasn't feeling good, still in some pain, and everybody was freaking out about how cute Cameron was (obviously). However, I then had a melt down and made everyone leave so I could have some quiet zen time and make myself feel better.

  3. Elaine,
    "the in's and out's of labor and delivery." I hope that pun was intended. Will always likes it when I say, 'let's make like a baby and head out.'

    I think you did a great job describing some things you want and some things you don't. It's nice that Ryan's role is more defined. I promise, promise, promise, to give you space and not overwhelm you with my nurse/best friend overload. Consider me a consultant to be called in if needed. As we all know, I we be right across the street!

    Also, I am honored by your videography suggestion and I may consider this course of action.

    see you tomorrow at our date!
    love, mo

  4. One of the best parts of Kendra's delivery was when I got halfway into the luxurious jacuzzi (such a selling point at the hospital tour) and decided that wasn't doing anything for my contractions. I then politely asked for my epideral, ("GIVE ME MY F*CKING DRUGS!!!!!") and after nicely rested up for when my real doctor arrived the next morning. Your body just goes into auto pilot... you will be wonderful!


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