Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Nursery

I think the nursery is D-O-N-E!!!!
Here is a little sneak peak:
The bookshelf where LOTS of learning and reading will take place

Look at these cute labeled baskets. Thank you Pottery Barn for Kids. My credit card also thanks you.

The cute crib with a car and truck sheet and bumper

A little baseball motivation

Will he have enough to wear?

Ready for some late nights

The dresser/changing table

A closer look at the pictures above the dresser:
"How a Dog Works" and " How to Build a Dragon"

What do you think?


  1. Oh, it's just perfect! Tasteful, fun, comfortable. He'll love it!!

  2. nesting instinct overdrive! i love it all! so cute...it really came together fast!

  3. so so cute.. love everything..so soothing.

    but educate Granny Annie.. whats in the learning basket?
    xoxo Momma Ann

  4. Looks so wonderful!!!!! You both did a great job decorating BBV's room!!!!!! Now...the only thing left to do.....meet BBV!!!!! Can't wait!

  5. I think you missed your calling as an interior decorator! If this teaching gig doesn't work out, I hear Pottery Barn has a wonderful employee discount. =)

  6. The nursery is sooo cute! But, your Mom, Auntie Mary, and I keep wondering why you aren't using the yellow gingham bumpers with the rainbows--after all they were used by at least 5 babies--you, Buck, Jeff, Katie, Sam....just kidding, of course! Everything looks so comfy and I especially love the chair--I want one just like it even though I'm not nursing a baby. Love ya, Auntie Martha


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