Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some organization

Things are looking better in the baby closet. Those baskets are life savers (thanks Katie)!


  1. Just want everyone to know Auntie and i went over to E's house.. everything is totally organized.. dresser is ready to paint , book shelf is cute cute cute.. room is beautiful.. this is one lucky baby !

  2. whoops.. that implied we did it.. no we did not.. we are at home after a long weekend of partying ready to take naps.. Elaine..had the place totally organized.. she is amazing.. if I do say so myself!

  3. The room looks great! Way to go Elaine!

    Wait until you see the improvements to Kendra's room since the basket pick-up. Thank you for motivating me to move out the baby gear and move in Kiddo toy storage center. I vote we alternate every 2 years having kids then we can just rotate through all the "stuff" needed for these kids!


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