Monday, May 17, 2010

I had a baby. Now what do I wear?

I thought after baby Paul was born I was going to be excited about getting dressed again. After months of the boring same maternity clothes, I was looking forward to wearing some of my old favorites. However, when I looked in my closet I decided that I hated EVERYTHING. I looked at the many many hangers and proclaimed I had nothing to wear. It took me an HOUR to figure out what to wear to go out to dinner with Ryan. I just don't have that kind of time. So I called in a professional.
Maureen came over armed with lattes and a plan of attack. Her mission? Shopping my own closet. She found items I did not see, she put outfits together that I did not think of, and she made me a list of some I need to buy (hello skinny jeans). It was amazing and so much cheaper than going on a shopping spree (although I would like to do that too).
Normally I am very anal about my closet organization. Everything faces the same way, is broken down in short sleeve vs. long sleeve, is organized by color, and literally those colors are placed in my closet alphabetically. It is an illness.

But on my quest for new outfits, I even let Maureen put all my new found options together in no organizational pattern whatsoever. This is so I see all these pieces a little easier. I am giving up my anal retentive organization in the name of fashion.

From now on, please compliment me on my outfit. And if you would like the same treatment, contact Maureen. But you better hurry.... she is only in town for a few more days :(


  1. whew.. let me catch my breath.. this is my daughters closet?

  2. ann, it's true. things got wild and crazy over there. first i had it all hanging out on the towel racks! we were getting crazy!

    there were a lot of great clothes in there. i love doing this.... in town for 10 more days people.

  3. I completely organize my closet by color and style too. And what's worse...I do it to Ryan's too!! Not sure if I could take the bold step and mix things up. Pretty scary...


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