Monday, May 17, 2010

One Month

Paul turned one month old on Sunday. Some days I can't believe how fast a month has gone. Other days I think Ryan and I deserve a real pat on the back for doing this for so long.

Here is what we have been up to:
  • We are finally getting big enough to fill up our newborn outfits. Some are even getting a little snug!
  • The doctor was a little concerned about his weight, but he has officially gained a pound since birth. He now weights 7.4 pounds and 22 inches- up 3 inches since birth.
  • We are still breastfeeding, but Paul tried formula for the first time this weekend. He took it down like a champ, but threw it up all night. The doctor said he probably ate too fast and too much. We are willing to try again.
  • Paul LOVES his activity gym. He especially loves the Panda. He can stare and play with the Panda for 20 minutes. This gives mom sometime to put her hair in a ponytail and apply mascara.
  • He knows mom and dad's voices and looks for them whenever he hears us.
  • We think he on the verge of smiling. He smiles sometimes but never on purpose. Mostly when he has a messy diaper. Thanks.
  • He still has a serious rat tail situation going on with his hair. I need to remedy this but am nervous about scissors and a newborn. However, something needs to be done. Quick.
  • Paul is great at tummy time and tries to lift his head and legs at the same time, balancing on his tummy. He even rolled over once from his tummy to his back because he got so much momentum.
  • He loves to lay on his tummy on mom or dad's chest. A lot of nap times are taken in this position.
  • He is more awake these days and definitely more alert. He makes the funniest facial expressions.
  • Every morning I get up with him, we eat, we read a book, and then we change a diaper. Without fail, just as I put on an outfit for the day, he spits up all over himself. I have tried to delay getting him dressed but it doesn't seem to matter. We have a lot of outfit changes.
  • He has had tons and tons of visitors his first month. Everyone seems to love him.
  • We especially love him. It is insane to think how exhausted a 7 pound baby can make you. It is also crazy to think how much we can love a little 7 pound nugget.
  • We love you Paul! We can't wait to watch you grow!

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  1. oh my god- i cant believe he got that much longer...that's insane!

    yeah, i agree that he probably ate too much too fast with the formula. thanks a lot left boob.

    i think you DO deserve some recognition for how hard this is! i love you! you're doing great!


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