Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's Day!

I really love my husband. A lot. Did you know that?
He is kind and funny and nice and vacuums the house. And all he has ever wanted is to be a dad. To have a family. I of course was a little hesitant of all this baby business. The long nights, not being able to go someone right when you want to, the responsibility of raising another life, the teenage years. Ryan has the ability to look past all that "stuff" and focus on what really matters. The love. Being absolutely ecstatic that our little baby found his fist and put it in his mouth. Watching this little guy grow and discover and laugh and get the hiccups over and over again. Sometimes I get a little caught up in the details. The dishes. The laundry. The bills. Ryan helps me see the big picture:

Happy Father's day. You are a fantastic father. Just like you knew you would be. Thanks for choosing me.


  1. and not to mention. he is bad ass on the go kart course.. ( sorry Paul and Buck.. but.. Ryan was # ! !!)

  2. oh.. and PS. thanks for choosing us too. cuz when you choose.. Elaine.. well. guess what?.. the whole family comes with her. :: ) :) :) whew... I'm glad you were the one xoxoxo Momma Ann

  3. I'm weeping here. Someday, Elaine, you'll discover how wonderful it is to have another woman love your son the way you do mine. I hope Paul someday finds someone as perfect for him as you are for Ryan. Love, love , love. It's all you need.

  4. So I am hard at work at summer school, sniffling like a baby after reading this! We are so happy you picked him =)


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