Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've got to get my emotions under control

I saw this on another blog. Apparently a church choir was performing Fly Away outside in New Orleans when Lenny Kravitz heard his own music and walked down the street to join the kids. Can you imagine being that cute guitar player and jamming with Lenny? Love it.


  1. I just got the goose bumps. Could you imagine playing that guitar solo in front of him?!? Crazy!!

  2. Lenny.. you are amazing .. finding this group and playing with them.. I'm sure those kiddos will never forget it.. BUT.. my daughter is even more amazing. ( sorry Lenny.. I am a mom) . seeing the joy of those teenagers.. understanding their emotions, understanding who they are.. Elaine and Lenny.. light up the world !!
    xoxo momma Ann

  3. This is awesome!! That guitarist is really good! I feel a little sorry for the original drummer, though


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