Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I like 2nd grade

Today small Paul and I went to visit Grandma Ann and her new class of 2nd graders. They were pretty excited to see the baby. A few important observations:
  • They thought he was dressed like a "rapper." (Janie- he was wearing the outfit you gave him from the GAP- the onsie with black and cream stripes. It is from the GAP people. I don't think you can get less "rapper."
  • They had a lot of questions: "Can he talk?" No. "Can he crawl?" No. "Can he walk?" No. "Well then what can he do?" Um, smile and be the cutest baby in the world?
  • While I was there I got to hear share time: "Last night I found out my brother has been dressing up my cat. In tutus."
I was entertained. And Paul was so stimulated he fell asleep on Grandma's shoulder in the lunch room.


  1. What a treat for your mom, to get to "show & tell" with you and Paul! I love the stories 2nd graders tell. No secrets at that age!

  2. One - I love when you call him Small Paul. Two - hilarious that they asked what he does. I would say you nailed it...smiles and is the cutest little baby!

  3. and... I was able to be vindicated.. I keep saying Paul is the most perfect, the most beautiful baby in the whole, wide world.. and.. that's all I heard.. OH MY GOD>> YOU WERE RIGHT ( LIKE I WOULD LIE ABOUT MY OWN GRANDSON ?? ) HE IS PERFECT HE IS BEAUTIFUL>>in fact I was getting a little nervous.. some of my teacher friends were holding on to him so hard, kissing him sniffing him.. I wanted to slap them and say HEY! get your own damn baby.. this is M I N E.. but I didn't, I was gracious.. and Paul was a champ.. he may have to go to therapy with the over powering female love he received but.. Hell I'll pay it.. again.. I know those moms don't know it.. but they will never have as beautiful,charming baby as I do.. and I'm sorry that's the truth.. AND let's just keep going on and on. Elaine charmed the pants off everyone, brought happiness to a sad, sad, lunch room .. again LADIES.. I keep telling you I have it all.. a charming beautiful funny daughter,, and a PERFECT grandson... and then let's not even get me going about my son in law. perfection! Oh yeah.. and a handsome successful son and a handsome succesful husband.. .. do ya rember the saying from the 80 s.. gag me with the spoon?
    or from 2110 LIFE IS GOOD! or from the 50's NA NA NA
    living the dream.. xoxo Ann

    xoxo Granny Annie


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