Friday, July 23, 2010


My dad is in Washington D.C. and my mom just left for California. There is a small part of me that thinks it is appropriate to throw a huge party at their house this weekend. Maybe because I never did this in high school, and now that I am knocking on 30 I need to cross this off my bucket list? Should I just put Paul in the baby bjorn and throw a keg party?

I tried to find some pictures from college of my friends doing keg stands to add emphasis to this post, but I couldn't find any. Maybe I erased all the evidence? I have a feeling someone has some incriminating photos she wouldn't mind sharing....


  1. I think I had enough parties at to take care of a few of us. My parents were trustful enough to take at least one 2 weeks vacay per year, plus a few more here and there. Oh the things that house has seen. I know I will have some pics of our dearest Tori in action. I just might have to dig those out some day.


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