Tuesday, October 26, 2010

6 Month Little Man

I would describe baby Paul as happy, smiley, laid-back, funny, and extremely cute. When other people see baby Paul they use words such as active, busy, never stops moving, and interested in everything. We certainly have an energetic little boy on our hands.

This past month has been so fun because everyday more and more of Paul's personality shines through. He likes to talk, pet Diddy, fake cough if you are not paying enough attention to him, scream, laugh, and smile at every single person that crosses his path.

He is a pro at sitting up, and likes to lunge forward to try and grab toys we put in front of him. I think it will only be a matter of time before the boy is mobile. I am nervous for this endeavor.

Diddy continues to be his best friend. Even when we say the word "Diddy," his face lights up and he searches the room for his 4-legged friend. By the way, that cute little orange and red ball in the picture? Grandma Zena sent that for baby Paul from California. He loves it because he can get his little fingers in there and try to play catch with his dad. However, Paul does not love it when Diddy thinks the ball is for him, steals it, takes it outside, eats it, and then throws up the remaining parts on the kitchen floor. Super. Luckily, Grannie Annie found a replacement.

We have moved Paul's bathtub into the big boy bath rather than the kitchen sink. Someone liked to lunge forward trying to put the kitchen faucet in his mouth and grab the soap or anything else in his vicinity. The big bathtub seems a little safer. He also is suddenly interested in his bath toys and tries to hoard them all in his little hands.

Is there anything cuter then a wet baby? I think no.

Paul also has a new hobby of banging two toys together, banging his hands on the table, trying to make noise with any object he can get a hold of. We have tried to channel this banging into some productive music making.

Does every parent think that their baby is the cutest? Sometimes I just can't get over how adorable this baby is. Can you argue when he is wearing outfits like this?

I love this baby so much. Sometimes Ryan and I put him to bed and then try to verbalize how much we love Paul. We fail every time. He is the light of our lives and I am so happy I am his mom.

Luckily, I think he is pretty happy to be our little baby.


  1. Paul is smiling in every picture! He really is the happiest little guy! I love the drums pic. He looks like he's pretty proud of himself. Darling.

  2. I just love every one of these pics. He really is just such a smiley little guy! I love it!!

  3. He is so adorable! I just want to get my hands on him and squeeze him. Nolan does the fake cough too, ha! I love that he can sit up on his own. Our boys are getting so big on us :)

  4. HE IS THE CUTEST.. SMARTEST.. BESTEST... baby in the whole wide world.. .SERIOUSLY...


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