Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ladies in my Bed.

Yesterday afternoon, we woke Paul up from his nap by adding a lady companion to his crib. He wasn't so sure at first.
But as he woke up, he started to feel a little more comfortable in his lady charmer skills. Unfortunately, Delilah did not feel the same way.

We will be working on his game a bit.


  1. OMG the facial expressions on both babies are PRICELESS!

  2. Mr. Lady Charmer--looks like he's already got the moves at 7 months! Delilah will come around....

  3. look at that smirk on baby pauls face! omg

  4. move out of the way Ryan.. I'm going to give him the"talk"

  5. Love it! She will be falling for those moves soon enough! Cute outfit too :)


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