Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now I Know

Now I know why I see so many snot-nosed kids running around. It's because they throw HUGE temper tantrums when their poor parents try to clean them up. Our baby had his first real cold and fever this weekend. On Sunday he couldn't even muster a smile because he felt so bad. The only positive was that he cuddled up with me on the couch to take naps and watch chick flicks. The bad news was the black tee-shirt I was wearing collected buckets of snot. Every time I looked at a wet washcloth to clean the baby's nose, he would scream bloody murder. So like any responsible parent, I just stopped trying. Again, there is no mistaking who is in charge in this house.


  1. should have hired a mean nurse to come over. i wish I was snuggling on the couch small paul, snot or not.


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