Friday, November 19, 2010

What do I Need?

In exactly one week I am turning 30. We will deal with all my feelings and emotions about this change of decade in another post.

For my present, I asked my mom to go shopping. She is the perfect shopping companion. She is honest about how something looks, she quickly can find another size, and she is the master of putting things back on the hanger while I try something else on. Plus, she is pretty generous with her VISA card.

So, what are some must haves I need to make sure go into my shopping bag? Any suggestions?
Remember, I am trying to look young, fashionable, and amazing. Obviously.


  1. the other night, when will was sleeping, i tried on every single thing in my closet. i was in the process of taking summer clothes out and bringing winter clothes in. (note that it is 75 degrees in austin today, and that this makes seasonal closeting quite challenging).

    i grouped outfits together: wear these tops with these pants, these skirts go with these, etc etc.

    if anything didnt fit right i took it out of the closet. not to give it away just yet, just to get it out of my visual dressing space so it doesnt crowd and confuse the options.

    i have never organized my closet like this before. normally i have pants here, shirts there, dresses here. now i have it by actual outfits (sort of like what we did to your closet that one time immediately post baby...should i have a business doing this?). for example, i have a pair of cream colored corduroy pants, and behind it the 3 shirts i wear with it.

    my point: by doing this, and then looking at the pile of images loosely categorized as "fashion inspiration" i was able to say, i need X specific things for the winter. and thats it.

    here is what i bought:
    - new white vneck tees
    - the black flare trousers from Gap, copied from you.
    - nice pair of nice theory leggings ($100 something dollars, marked down to $29 at the outlet) woo hoo!
    - new cream colored sweater because ive had the old one for 10 years, practically wear it everyday in the winter, and its looking its age. its pilly.
    - new fitted blazer. at long last, i have finally found one i like! its from forever 21, goddamn it. it'll be ruined by feb.
    - Ugg clogs
    - army green jacket with fur color
    - yellow ruffle coat
    - new skinny cords in gray and tangerine orangy red.
    ....and the hardest working piece in my closet is my new faded denim pearl button collared shirt.

    and im in the market for some new black flats and grey toms.

    that's it. it seems like a lot, but i will not shop again until summer.

    this was the longest post i have ever ever ever left on a blog. youre my bestfriend, we could have had this convo on the phone. sucks our closets dont live in the same city anymore.

    (this comment might have to make a cameo on my blog as its own post...)

  2. and I love every minute.. my visa is cleared and ready to go.. we will do what we can to get this economy back in place.. ( all of you can just sing God Bless America.. I take action )
    xoxo Mom

  3. PS.. not sure about the leggings craze.. ok. with boots.. not sure about for work.. not sure about w/flats.. kind of like.. wish some one had told me hot pants.. no no with big butt ( 1970's) .. moral of the story. just because it's in fashion don't mean it looks good on every body..
    xoxo Mom

  4. I need some new flip flops while you're out!

  5. i have no idea whats cool. something happens post baby. i went shopping the other day ready and willing to spend lots of money on fashionable outfits for myself. didn't even know where to start. two hours later, i left the mall with a hundred dollars worth of winter clothes for scarlett. nothing for me.


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