Friday, November 19, 2010

Worth the Hype?

Even with all the reading I do, I haven't read any of these:

Are they really that good? Am I missing out?


  1. i was at the movie theater last night for the 127 Hours premiere, which i didnt get to see, BUT there were ridiculous amounts of teens in line for hours to see the 12:01 showing of the latest movie. my companion and i had the same convo you were now posing to the blog. she was shocked that i, such a voracious reader, had not read any harry potter. i, in turn, was wondering whether they are worth it. twilight certainly was. maybe we should read?

  2. I haven't read them either and I tried with Twilight, I really did. But I though it sucked. Let me know if Harry is any good.

  3. I am shocked that you haven't read these? I read the first one...but thinking that its time to read em through.

    I mean, they gave out Harry Potter glasses at the midnight showing. I could totally add that to my I Love Jacob shirt.


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