Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chirstmas Eve

You would think having an entire 2 weeks off of work would leave me with plenty of time to think of creative blog posts. Not so much. I have spent much of these two weeks chasing an 8 month old baby around my house and trying to teach him the word "no." My efforts have not paid off in the slightest. But right now it is snowing, the baby is napping, and I'll try to catch up!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve at my in-laws. We had great food, good wine and some presents!
The whole crew!
Clapping with Uncle Isaiah
Kendra was surprised with an American Girl doll. The reaction was priceless.
Paul's first basketball hoop. He loves it!!!
Ending the night with a bottle. All that present opening can really wear you out!

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