Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Morning

Ryan and I woke up to Paul's very first Christmas. We made some coffee, opened presents and tried to savor each and every detail of this holiday. That was until the slinky that was in Paul's stocking got caught in his mouth resulting in blood and a very freaked out mom. Moment over.

After I calmed down, we loaded up the car and headed to my parent's house. We wore our best Christmas outfit:
When we arrived the house was decorated and ready to go!

On Christmas, my parent's house looks like an explosion of wrapping paper and bows. To say they go overboard is the understatement of the century. However, this year will be hard to top. Although I am sure they are up to the challenge. Uncle Buck also outdid himself, coming through with a brand new fire truck!
Did you know my dad used to ride motorcycles? There is a picture of my dad holding me as an infant on a motorcycle. We named it "Wild Thing." So it was only appropriate that small Paul receive his first (and God willing his only) motorcycle from his G-Pop.
He got the hang of riding real quick.
We had some great food:
And a costume change:
After some more playing, more eating, and watching Christmas Vacation we had to figure out how to get all our loot home.
Paul loved his first Christmas!
And was so sad to see it end
Don't worry buddy. There is always next year.

Obviously our best gift is our little bundle of joy. Although the Banana Republic jacket I received came in as a close second.

But truthfully, Christmas was so much fun with a little baby. He loved the attention, the tissue paper, and the love he felt from all his family. It was a wonderful holiday!


  1. baby paul, are you kidding me with your little leather hat on? and giving a little wave from your motorcycle? and sitting in the trunk of the car with all your presents?

    he has such personality! i love him!!! his first christmas looks so cute.

    oh, and i also love the look he's giving when he's sitting in the fire truck.

  2. what a Christmas gift he was... he is .. I know I keep saying it.. but he is PERFECT...

  3. He is so cute! And getting so big! I'm glad you guys had good Christmas. Its so much more fun with a baby around. :)

  4. That hat is too much! Just love all these pictures--as I said before, thank you Elaine for blogging and posting as much as you do--just love keeping up with the little guy!!!


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