Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hudson Gardens

We braved the cold and took Paul to see the lights at Hudson Gardens. He loved it!! He was mesmerized by the lights and was interested in all the Christmas carols.

Please note that all photos were taken by my father. These pictures were captured on a Nikon. Now he will be able to sleep tonight knowing that you all know this. Public service announcement over.

Wow! Look at all these lights!

Is there a cuter baby in the world? Probably not!!


  1. Super cute! I have never been to this one.

    And even though I am "team Canon", I do love these pictures!!

  2. no there is not a cuter baby in the whole wide world.. and you forgot to add.. not only taken with a Nikon but at night with no flash...
    xoxo pc's agent.

  3. Especially love the last picture with the hat pulled down almost over his eyes. Thank you GPops for not only taking all these wonderful pictures, but also making them available in a very timely fashion for all of us to look at. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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