Monday, December 6, 2010

Crawling is for the Birds

Paul loves to army crawl. He is pretty fast. He can crawl on all fours, but only for a short time. Then he drops to his stomach and scoots around. These past few days he has been doing this move that Ryan calls the bear crawl. He stand up and puts his hands on the ground and awkwardly moves.

I hope this does not mean an early walker.

We were home for 2 hours today and the little man tried to eat my computer charger, found Diddy's dirtiest toy and put it in his mouth, found a pile of magazines to unstack, and played in the dog's water. I was so exhausted by nap time that I had to lay down too.


  1. will just said "that looks like a diaper commercial."

  2. Is that drool dripping off his chin? What a busy baby!

  3. He is ready to rock and roll. Seriously, going to have a walker soon!


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