Monday, December 6, 2010

Yep. I'm 30.

This weekend we went out to celebrate my 3-0 Birthday. I still feel tired today. I'm old. My friend Tori came down from Vail to join the festivities. On Sunday Ryan, Tori and I were debriefing the night (the best part of going out in my opinion) and they both shared that they swear the best cure for a hangover is getting down on their hands and knees in the running shower. Apparently the water hitting you at this specific angle makes you feel better. Although I have seen them both do this, I have never tried it for myself. Instead, I just chug water, eat a lot of grease, and complain about how bad I feel.
What is your hangover cure?


  1. brueggers bagel, coffee, extra strength tylenol, maybe some cold pizza if i can get my hands on it, and sleeping on the couch. maybe a power walk if i wake up early enough that i think im not hungover and feel great, but really im just still drunk.

  2. Happy Birthday! McDonald quarter pounders for sure :)

  3. McDonald's sausage mcmuffin with hash browns- or anything else super greasy- and a sprite. Happy Birthday!

  4. Chipotle and Dr. Pepper!

    However, I must also say that from college ritual preparing to go out for the the shower beer. Ah-mazing.


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