Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paul's Life at 8 months.

Here is a little video of Paul. Featured are his music playing abilities, crawling, pulling himself up, smiling, and screaming.

It is not the best video quality as it was taken with my little flip camera!
Also, please excuse his runny nose and lack of pants. Just keeping it real!


  1. o.k everyone out there in blog land.. isn't this the stinkest cutest kid in the whole wide world.???. and.. again ... GIFTED !

  2. OMG--cutest, most talented, happiest, smartest, cutest (oh I said that one already), gifted-- thanks for posting this video E--looks like you have your hands full--small Paul appears to be in to EVERYTHING! But so cute and so much fun!!!

  3. i love when he stands up on those chunky legs!


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