Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flat Butt

Ever since I’ve had Paul I feel like I have adopted a “flat ass.” My friend Diz says she has heard this is a common body issue post baby. Is this true? I’ve been doing squats and lunges to add a little Kim Kardashian booty, but so far I haven’t seen any results. Maybe a new pair of jeans would do the trick? Perhaps some décor on the butt would help it look lifted? I think the rear of these True Religions look cute:

From here
Does anyone else have this problem? What brand of jeans makes you feel your best?


  1. For starters you can have some of my ass- it's ample. OR you can ask Santa to bring you these!!!

  2. ahh.. not feeling your pain.. the Aunties and I were on the floor laughing, the jelly was rolling.. TOO SMALL OF ASS??? this is a problem?? you must have become a Vaughn.. cuz you sure as Hell ain't a Cressey/Smythe !!!

  3. I totally understand! I totally lost my butt when I had my first baby. My second is 4 months old and I am working hard to get it back:) Squats, squats, squats is all I can say:)

  4. I'm with your Mom--I am NOT feeling your pain. Shall I airmail you some of my ass?

  5. Oops, that anonymous above was your Auntie Martha. We have plenty to spare in the Cressey/Smythe family....

  6. i too laughed out loud at this. too small of an ass? how quaint of a problem.

    i just typed an extremely long paragraph about a conversation will and i had re: is he a "breast or ass" man (with me, who needs to choose?), then realized it was inappropriate. call me.

  7. James Jeans have totally changed my world!

  8. Try these exercises too: sumo squats, step lunges, hip extension machine, and maybe a modified bridge where your shoulders stay on the ground and you raise your butt + legs up and hold for 30-60 seconds at a time while arms remain flat on ground at your side.

    P.S. this is Mo's friend Laura from Chicago and I am a total fitness nerd....


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