Friday, December 31, 2010

Working the Love

Remember when my BFF Sarah and I had our huge mommy fail? Here is the picture to prove our horrible efforts:

Poor freezing children!

Luckily everyone was warm and in better moods for Delilah's baptism. She looked beautiful in her gown that her mommy wore as a baby too.
Paul was in awe with this gorgeous gal. We are moving in the right direction!


  1. your outfit looks so cute! baby delilah looks PRECIOUS. and paul definitely looks interested.

  2. I love how Deb is clutching Paul's hand.. to keep her granddaughter safe?

  3. Yes, Delilah and Paul both look interested in each other....Paul looks like he's scheming on how he can get closer to Delilah when Deb is holding him so tightly. So CUTE!!!


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