Monday, January 17, 2011

9 Months Old!

My baby was 9 months old yesterday. He is the happiest little man in the world. I don't know anyone who smiles more than Paul.
He loves to wave, to clap, to high five, to say mama and dada and hi.

He loves to play with Diddy and crawl and pull himself up and laugh (literally) when you tell him no.

He likes to close doors and then look confused about how to open them. He likes to take all my shoes out of their boxes or knock them down off the shoe rack. He likes to rip magazines and put everything in his mouth!
He loves the bath. He loves crawling from his room naked to the bathroom, then pulling himself up on the tub watching it fill with water, while simultaneously peeing on the bathroom floor.

He gives kisses and hugs and smiles with his entire face. Other times he likes to slap your face.

He likes to sing songs and has just started some dance moves.

He melts my heart!
Happy 9 month birthday Paul!


  1. Time is so strange. It took forever for your 9+ months of pregnancy to go by, and in a flash this sweet baby is already 9 months old! He is such a joy!

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  3. I laughed at the part of him crawling naked to the bathroom and then pulling himself and peeing while he watches it fill.

    he is such a sweet boy!!

  4. I know how much he is loved if he is allowed to upset your shoe collection!
    every time I see him I am amazed how smart he is.. he knows how toys work, he knows how to make objects( blocks, cups, pieces of string) move.. he knows how to make granny laugh ( tell him no no.. don't touch the plant.. and he turns around and laughs and laughs.) and then.. how beautiful he is.. there are no words.. BUT PERFECTION !!

  5. Such a sweetheart!


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