Sunday, January 16, 2011

Giving Some Kisses!

Paul loves the penguin that Auntie Diz and Will gave him! Just ignore my annoying voice, and focus on this cute baby!


  1. i cant believe how fast he's moving!! i miss him! i need to come get some kisses from him!

  2. 1. your voice is not annoying.. a baby should be so lucky to have such a wonderful mom as you.. loving on him
    2. again.. that baby is so f ing gifed.. he is fasst and he understands and he is loving.. he is AMAZING !!

  3. love it! he really does move fast!

    and, coincidence because i was coming on the computer to upload videos of scarlett on my blog and the first post on my dashboard was this video.

    david and i put her to bed three hours ago and have probably watched the videos we took today five or six times since then. she's just a room away! ridiculous :)

  4. So cute! And your voice is not annoying--it's a happy, soothing voice....


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