Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Monday Night

I watch the Bachelor. I don’t want to but I am addicted. I need a 12 step program. Please help.

In case you are not caught up on pop culture, the bachelor is actually a repeat from a previous season, Brad Womack. In his earlier debut he famously rejected both girls, leaving the show with no engagement, no girlfriend, nada. I did not watch this season, but apparently this caused quite the ruckus. Frankly I can’t figure out why it was so awful to eliminate both girls instead of proposing to one, only to break up a month later (as we have seen in many other bachelor couples).

ABC is being ballsy this season and found some real gems for Brad to choose from. Was this gal really wearing fangs???

And if you are thinking of being on this show, then listen up. When you first meet someone please do not sing for them, dance for them, or showcase any other “talent” you may have. It is embarrassing.

Furthermore, I don’t understand why the girls who are eliminated after the first night cry. You just met this dude. He cannot be the love of your life if he was a STRANGER two hours ago. Dry up the tears, it makes you look pathetic.

I know it is gross that I am analyzing this show so much, but once you start you just can’t stop. If it makes you feel better, I did have to cover my eyes for at least half of the show because some scenes made me cringe. Unfortunately, I’ll be back next week.


  1. Hahah Jiggles LOVES this show and makes me watch it! I saw the "singing" part of last night and wanted to die I was so embarrassed for her. The dancing was over the top. It's too much to handle.

  2. you do know that he lives in austin, right? and that him and his brothers own a bunch of bars on aforementioned 6th street? perhaps we need to add some of the to the list of stops we will frequent....

  3. Maux,

    I'm not sure if stopping by those bars will fit into your EXTENSIVE itinerary for this weekend. Please keep my wife safe. Paul and I need her.

    P.S. Can you please add "G-video chat with Ryan" sometime Saturday morning prior to breakfast burritos and mimosas? Thanks.

  4. I haven't watched this week's yet but plan on it. I'm addicted too! And love your little side notes to the contestants. All so true.

  5. 1. I already gave money for cabs to get home safely.
    2. I hate the Bachelor and therefore. no money will go to visiting him or his brothers.. who are probably as stupid or more.. what is the word. as DUMB?? DumbER?/ than he is.
    3. I never understand this show.. I haven't seen one woman.. o.k. maybe one.. say.. whoa he is not the guy for me, he is an attention whore, a want a be actor.. a lazy slob. a two timing.... ( how come it is ok to be kissing girl #1 or?? a and then move on to girl #2.. ) ewhhhwhh p uuuuu it gives me the creeps.. girls for the Love of God HAVE A BACK BONE
    is being on tv all you care about?? ( well duh.. obviously.. well than shame on you .. you get what you get..) ..

    4. G -video chat sounds wonderful.. sign me up


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