Sunday, March 13, 2011

A simple thank you

I think my job is hard sometimes because there is no immediate feedback. I work with teenagers and they usually don't express their feelings or gratitude very well. But just the other day I received an email from a former student who now is in college and was a perfect reminder why I do this job. I printed it out so I can read it after a rough day! Here is a snip it:

Also I would like to remind you that even though we were really close when I was back in high school and I know it can be easy to forget; I really value you! I appreciate the role you played in my life when it was your season and I am humble and grateful for your support.
I hope that life is treating you so well. I hope that being a mom is everything you want it to be. And more than anything I hope you still love being a teacher and that you are still in the business of changing peoples lives. You absolutely made a difference in my life. And this is my heartfelt thank you :)


  1. Well, this chokes me up. So nice to know the influence of a great teacher is appreciated!

  2. thank you notes from students and patients are the best reminder of why our jobs actually dont suck.


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