Saturday, March 12, 2011

What happens at grandma's...

stays at grandma's.


  1. omg... he's amazing! Fearless!

  2. not long ago, i too amazing and fearlessly went through a dog door.

    ok, actually it was a long time ago. in college.

  3. Mo - I did too. in college.
    Elaine - I just read this title and thought I share my mom's motto for when she is with Miles "what happened with Nani, didn't happen":)

    oh and it's Laura

  4. Laura- that is so funny!
    And for the record, I too went through a doggy door. In college.

  5. Oh oh, now G and G Colomy are in trouble--you know he's going to head straight for that doggy door every time he comes over....

  6. And GPops, your photography is wonderful! I love the last frame with just his little shoe showing....


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