Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love connection gone bad!

When my friend Sarah was pregnant I hoped and hoped it would be a girl. Then obviously Paul would get married to Sarah's daughter, we could have all holidays together with mass amounts of wine, and then be co-grandma nannies when the time came. However, we may have overlooked a critical step. Paul and Delilah may not actually want to get married.

Sarah and her sweet babe came over to my parent's house last weekend. Delilah is getting so big and cute!
Too bad Delilah is not very impressed with Paul's game,
Even then the second round didn't go very well,
Don't touch me, mister!

To top off the afternoon, as Delilah was packed up and leaving, Paul thought it would be a good time to try to slap her in the face. Nothing says love like violence.
Not much in the love department AND a bully? Super.


  1. Hilarious! Maybe Paul likes a little hard to get. She is such a cutie!

  2. Hahah these pictures are adorable!

  3. this just got a huge laugh out of will and i.

    mo: "will, come look at this."
    will: "what is it?"
    mo: "baby paul."
    will: "how'd i know? you're always calling me over to look at either a picture of baby paul or some weird video from your brothers in college."



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