Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mommy Guilt

I am fully immersed in my yoga teacher training, more than half way done and I am tired. I am really enjoying the program, but I feel like I am gone all.the.time. We are so lucky to have our parents close to us who love watching Paul, and I have some cute teenager babysitters that love on Paul for a couple of hours during the week while I have to leave for yoga and Ryan is at baseball. I know Paul is fine, but I can't help feeling as if I am missing out on his life.
My mind is aware of the fact that Paul is only 11 months old and will have no recollection of me being gone, but sometimes when I am at yoga a little picture of him flashes in my mind and my heart swells.
When I get home on the weekends, even if I have only been gone 3 hours, I feel like he is different; bigger, taller, saying new words, showing off a new trick,
Mommy guilt is no joke. I'm proud of myself for working so hard in yoga, but I can't wait for some downtime with my sweet almost ONE year old babe!
All photos by Tall Paul


  1. Oh man, don't say almost ONE! That means before I blink, Nolan will be almost ONE! How do we keep them as our little babies forever!!

  2. you are such a sweet momma. so sweet.

  3. Mommy guilt sux - I'm sure it's something we all experience at one time or another. But a happy mommy equals a happy baby!!

  4. One more time... let's all repeat together.. IF MOMMA AIN"T HAPPY AIN'T NOBODY HAPPY..
    Paul will learn that the universe does not revolve around him ( o.k. o.k... that's a lie.. but let's pretend)

    You look amazing from all that damn yoga.. everyone is talking about it
    The Grandmas are in 7th Heaven taking care of the babe
    Life is GOOD!!
    Let's see.. one more cliche.. It take a village to raise the most perfect baby in the whole wide world.
    xoxo Mom

  5. very true words: mommy guilt is no joke

    i hear ya sistah.


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