Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's A Coming...

Summer that is. The 3 day weekend gave me a good taste of what my summer will be like- fun but busy. My baby is sweet, however he likes to be on the move. After the baseball game this weekend, Ryan reported he watched only 12 pitches due to our over active child. Forget the days of lounging in the sun and drinking a beer. Ah, parenthood.

In order to tire out my bambino, I've set up a summer schedule.

Wednesdays we have swim lessons. All the moms at work recommended SafeSplash because even though it is pricey, the pool is heated. Done.
Thursdays we have story hour at the library. I don't think this will wear him out but at least we can practice listening and sitting still. I'll let you know how it goes.
Fridays we have class at Little Gym. My friend Melissa informed me that Paul will be doing forward rolls, backward rolls, and other amazing tricks. If this doesn't make him take a long nap, I don't know what will.

I think I'll fill in the rest of the time by going to our neighborhood pool, visiting the zoo, park trips, and play dates. Whew. Reading this is making me exhausted.... I hope Paul feels the same!


  1. and so it begins... before you know it, all your free time will be spent driving to his practices, games, lessons, and birthday parties! I think you two are smart parents to give Paul so many opportunities. He's a lucky little guy!

  2. Whew--busy, but fun! Good idea about the heated pool--should make it more enjoyable for him. I'll bet Paul will be a little fish by the end of the summer!


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