Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Reading List

Last night I finished this book:
Read about it here

It was so good and got me excited about my summer reading plans! On my list are:

What is on your summer reading list?


  1. how funny...last night i started reading A Visit From The Goon Squad. so far i really like it!

  2. Devil in the White City is one of my mother's favorite books!

  3. I'm just starting to read Freedom that your Mom gave me when I was in CO for Paul's bday--so far I'm enjoying it. I'm behind the times, so am glad to see the titles you listed. These days I get books from the library, so have to request anything that's "current." Glad that you're still finding time to read--I seem to remember when Jeff was little I hardly ever found time to read--or I'd start to read before I went to sleep and couldn't even last 5 minutes!

  4. Devil in the White City is one of my favorite books. It is in my Top 5, along with : Farhenheit 451, Stiff, The Other Boleyn Girl and The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing.

  5. Reading list? What reading list? =) I am almost done with Fall of Giants (highly recommend!) and am going to start Something Borrowed and Something Blue soon. I need a little mindless reading every now and then.

  6. Oh! Tell me how these are. A have a list similar.

  7. bossypants = pure gold!

    hysterical. i've actually been meaning to make a post about how much i love love love it. lots about motherhood that is so funny and true. enjoy!


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